Lonely :'(

God, I feel so lonely without him. Seriously I miss him so much. How I want to release my longing toward him? Should I text him and tell him that I miss him? No need to tell him la. Let himself know :') Dear you, forgive me if I did something wrong to you. You were the best thing that God have ever given to me. I am sorry if I didn't manage to take good care of you. Everyday I think of your face, worrying if you’re sad & happy. I feel lonely since we broke up. If I think about sweet memories when we are together, I was cry and I pray to God I want that happiness back. If can, I don't wanna lose you. I will always love you. Everyday I care about you dear. But..... Too bad you are not mine anymore. I wish you happy without me. Wishing you were mine back. I  miss you so much :*

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