Forget you.

Hello friends. Good morning & and Happy Wednesday. By the way, Happy Teacher Day to my class teacher. I love you so much :* Okay. Today I want to update about "him". Seriously, I want to forget him from now. For me he's was gone. He already did not care about me. I will stop hoping and stop loving you. If I can't stop loving you. I will try and try to delete you in my life. Since we couple I know I was hurting you and make you mad everyday. I am sorry because lying you before. I am really sorry. After this, I want to find the other boy are better than you. I hope I can make a new life without you. Erghhh -.- I hate when I thinking of you. I hate thinking about person that does not love us again. Dear, can we be friend? I do not like we hate each other. Hahaha. I will treat you as my little brother. I just want to "berdamai" with you. From now, I don't want be sad again. I want happiness from my friend and with my "new bf". Jane, take a deep. The past is past. Just forget him & make new life with the one you love. *boyfie yang akan datang :D* Never mind I find someone like you- Adele.

Hey! Thanks for reading.