Hello Monday & hello my blogger friends. Today I didn't go to school because I hate Monday :D Here I want to express my feeling. You know what? Why I can't stop hoping toward him. Oh, so annoying much! I hate thinking about him but my friends always talk about him at me. Friends, his not mine again. So stop mention about a long long long time story. *so many long there :D* His have a new girlfriend now. God, can you help me to forget him or find the new boyfriend to forget him? Oh no. Better being single. When being single, we're bored. When have new gf/bf we will feel lazy to couple. Fact okay? I'm not ready yet to find new bf now. I want to find a kind people, understand my feeling, honest & loving♥ I hope God can find for me a good person. Okay cett.. I don't know what I want to type now. Next time I update my blog again. See you all next time! Goodbye :*

Hey! Thanks for reading.