Hi good morning & hello to Tuesday! Today I didn't come to school. Sorry teacher because I did not sit my exam. I am really not in mood today. Oh God, should I forget him? Seriously I can't forget him because I still love him. Why he did not understand my feelings? Why! Why! :'( Please understand me! I could not bear you with another girl because my "love" for you is not has been lost. Can you believe me for the last time dear? Please give me a chance to love you again :'( I can not stand this pain. Only God know my feelings. I truly you come back to me again. Why do I to face this problem? God, i am not strong! Open his heart oh Lord so he will understand me. I hope you read my blog dear :'( I don't know with who I want to express my feelings. If I express my feeling to you, are you agreeable to listen? I think no because you did not love me and care about me. Isn't? But I care about you, always thinking about you & missing you. Just now I ask my friend should not I forget you. Then they reply, "follow your conscience.kalau dia sudah tak mahu dgn kamu lagi don't force him to love you back. jgn nak menyiksa diri". Ya, I think it true but my heart not ready yet to forget you. I will try to forget you boy :'( i really hopeless! But I pray you will find me again. I love you so much & i miss you so much boy♥

Hey! Thanks for reading.